Jun 222012

The Light monster is yet another amazing monster released by Tiny Monster and absolutely the best representing the light of all creatures in Tiny Monsters.

“Captain Phineas Alexander was astounded when the majestic light monster was first discovered in the harsh Searing Dunes. This graceful creature hunts in a peculiar way, using its shiny tail-like appendages to blind its prey when spotted. This tactic was also used to escape adventurers, leading Alexander to order several crates of sunshades for future expeditions.” Description

Tiny Monsters - Light Monster

Hatching Time: 5 Hours
Buying Price:  95Tiny Monsters - Diamonds
Habitat: Light

Level Req: 32

Light Monster breeding guide

You can purchase the Light dragon in the market for 95 diamonds. Alternatively you can breed the Light monster using any two hybrids. Please post successful combinations to share with others.

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  16 Responses to “Tiny Monsters: Light Monster”

  1. Breeding the light monster is easy simply use the flower monster on left and mountain monster on right. Here’s my sources.


  2. Anyoneknow how to get the light monster ?

  3. I used my Mythic Mountain Monster on the left and my Flower Monster on the left and created a Light Monster. Hope this helped!!

  4. I have bred teen mountain on the right and teen flower on the left 3 times and gotten tree!!!! I have bred adult mountain on the left and adult flower on right and got Mountain!!!! I have bred Hybrid Flower on right and Adult mountain on left and got Hybrid Plant!!!! OMG I cant get Light.

  5. its all based on % i got a light with a flower and a flurry, the next time i bred that same combo again and got a shadow.

    • I agree with this comment. I used a thunder then vapor monster to breed both my shadow and light monster. I think that once you breed either the shadow or light monster, the same combination will get you the other.

  6. What level do u have to be to get a Light monster?
    Just outta curiosity

  7. I’m on level 28 and barely decided to look into how to breed the legendary monster. Well using adult mountain and adult flower I got a shadow monster on the second try but on the sixth I got the light monster, which is cool except I don’t have the habitat available yet lol, anyways I have yet to get legendary but other rare monsters pop up. Just keep trying that combo! Good Luck!

  8. I am only at level 19
    I tried to breed the Buzzy monster this weekend (Labor Day special edition). I bred Sporespark & voltleaf and boosted the breeding to about 1/2 full.

    I got the light egg, but cannot buy a habitat?!?! Now have to wait till level 32? OMG

    Glad I got it, but wish I could build the habitat. Looks very pretty.

  9. Tried the flower and mountian combo a dozen times. No luck. The I tried adult bug and adult tree. Got it onthe first try. So if flower and mountian ain’t working, try bug and tree.

  10. Can someone please tell me how to get light I tried to breed mountain and flower but get tree,mountain or legendary I’m so mad

  11. I bread flower and mountain and i git another flower.any more combos???

  12. I have tried both teen and adult flower on right and left and mountain on opposite and have only got plant and some stuff I all ready have. I have a nice new habitat waiting for him this is n
    Is so frustrating the mountain and flower combo is not working for me at all. Someone said bug and tree I guess I will try that next.


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