Legendary Monster


Tiny Monsters players around the world are in search of the unbelievably rare “Legendary Monster” in Tiny Monsters. This legendary monsters have had breeders actively searching their islands – and the internet for news on how to obtain the rare legendary monster. Some players believe this monster is found under a rock while you have players saying it is found after you cut down that multi-million dollar tree or maybe it is tapping your iPod, iPhone or iPad on certain areas which will release this legendary monster? Regardless the legendary monster is certainly a great monster to find in anyone’s Tiny Monster island.

Tiny Monsters - Legendary Monster EggTiny Monsters - Legendary Monster BabyTiny Monsters - Legendary Monster Adult

Mythic Legendary Monster

Mythic Legendary Monster

If you want to know what are some requirements for this Legendary Monster then let us tell you that you need to be at least level 22 before searching for the legendary monster. You will not be able to find the legendary monster being a level lower so if you are not level 22 then do not try searching for the legendary monster, it will be a waste of time.

Once you hit level 22 then you should begin by trying to clear all the trees and rocks in your land and maybe do something special with your Apple device to see if you can get the legendary monster. Some players believe you may even need a special level or monster to get the legendary monster and it may not always be breeding. How about tucking in an monster then pop comes the legendary monster at night? It may or may not happen but no one knows truly the answer for this until it has been official released by TinyCo for your Tiny Monsters game and we will surely have the latest news!

Legendary Monster Description

“His dreams haunted by the elusive Legendary Monster, tamer Lawrence Edgar Elliott III considered it an achievement just to catch a glimpse of one. Possibly rarest of the monsters and wielding mythical power, the wolf is the subject of conflicting reports about its elemental affiliation or exact mature form.”

Hatching Time: 34 Hours
Buying Price: 5,000Tiny Monsters - Diamonds
Habitats: Special

Legendary Monster Breeding Combination

Breeding Combination: Mountain Monster and Flower Monster.

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  32 Responses to “Legendary Monster”

  1. At level 25 you get a new building the Mythic Cave. The description makes it seem like it is needed to breed the legendary. So don’t even bother at level 22 trying to breed it.

  2. the mythic cave is to unlock the mythic monsters not legendary monsters

  3. i heard you can only get it when you breed two monsters with 4 different elemental affiliations eg strike & tundra and the egg you get once matured to adulthood that monster finds it in its habitat dunno if it matters where you put the habitat??

  4. I still don’t no how tO get it and I’m lv 17!

  5. Lvl 26 and still can’t get it, frozenflame bayou temptest or any of the last few monsters it took me till yesterday to finally get my first mountain monster!!

    • Easy breeds all combinations and put habitat in middle of forest clear everything your monster will begin an endless loop by in a week you shall achieve the mystical beast

  6. Im trying to breed the legendary monster with the combination above.
    Its the correct combination for sure. But you just need to keep on trying.
    To be sure if you got it or not, the breeding time has to be 1Day 10Hours.
    Good Luck.

  7. I breed flower with earthquack both level 10 and finally got it after 15 tries

  8. You have to look at the signs that they are and if the big one is fire the fire monster needs to be and adult an the other a teen. That’s so far what’s worked best for me. Try it I got a bayou monster at level 19 without even trying. Idl give it a shot hopefully that helps

  9. Ive tried to get shockwave,frozenflame,flamegust,and the legendary monster and im level 27 and ive tried for weeks now to get them
    please help for the combination’s for each of the monsters above Thank you very much!!

  10. It looks like the shadow monster and forestember in the breeding cave.

  11. Well, musszilla, I am a level 14 but at level 12 I got the mythic cave. And about the legendary monster in this page. It really doesn’t say a cheat to get it without all the work. I’m just saying. Now, it shows a great explanation about what it does and stuff but doesn’t tell how to breed it unlike some other websites. And it is hard to find the right cheat for something without downloading anything and causing a virus or something. Just tell me if you find anything on that and I’ll be good. Thanks for your time. :D

  12. I didn’t get it until level 35, but I first built the habitat for it, then I bred a level 10 Thunder (left) and a Level 10 Flower (right) monster and got it. Not sure if building the habitat first helped, but couldn’t hurt to mention it.

  13. finaly i breed a legendary. monster . i use montain in left anda flower on right side. a try this combination 6 time and now a take 1.

  14. Im only level 16 and I breed a Mythic Magma Monster and a normal Tree Monster and I found myself having a legendary egg. So the whole, “you need to be lvl 22 to even obtain it” either doesn’t apply to me or it’s false information. Fix it please.

  15. :T
    what ever it is I’ll be trying for it, I’m level 22, what is its habitat anyway? (excuse my stupid question XD)

  16. Lvl 38, have yet to breed a frozen flame. But in another failed 1st attempt using lvl 10 mythic flare+ level 10 silk I got my second legendary. First legendary was breed using level 8 mountain and mythic lvl 8 flower on 2nd try. But now I gotta wait 34 hours before I try again for the hundredth whatever time for a frozen flame….

  17. I got a mythic legendary monster at level 16 so…i dont understand the “must be level 22 to get legendary monster” part

  18. I’m level 14 and just got a mythic legendary! Can’t afford the special habitat yet though -.-

  19. I have tried breeding the combination of mountian and flower monster together and still after like 10 tries I only git air!!! It is so annoying!! Please reccomend to me diffrent PROVEN combos for breeding this monster

  20. I have tried like 10 times (lv 10 flower and lv 10 mountain) and can’t get it. I have legendary habitat and I am on lv 23. I thought that if I use bug and tree I would get legendary but I got air. Please tell me an affective method. I am waiting!

  21. Well I am only a level 19, however I recieved the Legendary at level 18. Not sure how or why, but none the less I have him.

  22. if you are wanting a legendary monster then you need to breed level 10 flower monster with a level 10 mountain monster. this works for me everytime and i have 6 legendary monsters. i am level 23

  23. Well I am level 15 and bred an max level magma monster with a level 7 snowbluff and got one first time wasn’t even trying yet. And you don’t have to have the habitat first I t ryin g for a frozenflame

  24. 1st try : frozenflame + frostember

  25. Hey Guys!

    I am breeding the mystic legendary monster now… at level 16.

    I am soooooo happy… as you can see, you CAN be at a lower level to breed one. Used the mystic frozenflame and the tree monster for breeding.

  26. Just bred two hybrids with no elements in common and saw that it will take 34 hours to finish! Legendary here I come!

  27. So i got my second lvl 10 legendary monster and if I try to wake it up it shows me the final form and when I press “okay” the game shuts down.. I tried everything but it isn’t working… Anyone?


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