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The Hallow Monster in Tiny Monsters is a limited edition monster  released into Tiny Monsters mountaintops on October 25 2012. It is a single fire element but what’s special about this monster is that you can evolve it into one of four very special monsters for Halloween.

“Monster breeders across the world join forces around Grim Hallow’s Eve to attempt to hatch the Hallow Monster. Hatching a Hallow Monster, it seems, requires a careful balance of elements and an atmosphere that can only be found at the end of October.” 

Tiny Monsters Hallow Monster Breeding
Breeding Time: 7 Hours
Habitat: Fire Habitat
Tuck In Time
Teen :  7 Hours
Adult: 18 hours


If you want to evolve your Hallow Monster then be sure to level your Hallow Monster to level 5 for a teen Hallow Monster then level the Hallow Monster to level 8 for the adult form.

How to breed

To breed the Hallow monster use a Fire type monster and a fire hybrid monster in your breeding den.

The breeding time for this monster is 9 hours and after you have obtained the Hallow Monster egg you need to wait another 7 hours for it to hatch.

After hatching the egg you can place the Hallow Monster into any Fire Habitat.

Hallow Monster Earnings

Level Earnings
Level 1 13 Level 6  21
Level 2 13 Level 7  28
Level 3 14 Level 8
Level 4  15 Level 9
Level 5  21 Level 10

Food Amount Chart

Level Food Level Food
Level 1  20 Level 6  125
Level 2  45 Level 7  145
Level 3  65 Level 8
Level 4  85 Level 9
Level 5  105 Level 10



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  1. I have got the hallow monster but i got the mythic version its black with red flames …. i got it using fire level 10 and flower level 10 ….

  2. I just got it FIRSTY TRY!! lv 7 Fire and lv 6 Cinder (Fire Hybrid) 7 hour breeding time.

  3. I bred a hallow but it came out to be a form i didn’t like. Can I breed another using only one hallow and another monster?


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