Nov 212012

The Gratitude Monster in Tiny Monsters is a limited edition monster released  for Thanksgiving. This monster is only available for a limited time and you can only breed one of these monsters during Thanksgiving! No other time!

“Once every year, something special happens: Gratitude Monsters can be hatched! Ancient legends say the ultra rare Monsters represent the harvest, and their yearly presence is a good omen for future monster breeding and prosperity..” -Gratitude Monster Game Description

Tiny Monsters Gratitude Monster  Baby

Elements: Earth/Plant
Breeding Time
: 14 Hours

Selling Price: 5250
Habitat: Plant and Earth

Teen Tuck In Time:  8 Hours

Adult  Tuck In Time:  18 Hours

Tiny Monsters Thanksgiving Gratitude Monster Egg


If you want to evolve your Monster then be sure to level your Gratitude Monster to level 5 for a teen Gratitude Monster then level the Gratitude Monster to level 8 for the adult form.

Breeding guide

To breed the monster use a Plant Monster and a Earth Monster for a chance to get it in your breeding den. The breeding time for this monster is 14 hours and after you have obtained the Gratitude Monster egg you need to wait another 14 hours for it to hatch.

After hatching the egg you can place the Gratitude Monster into any Plant or Light Habitat.


Level Earnings
Level 1 12 Level 6  41
Level 2  12 Level 7  55
Level 3  13 Level 8  77
Level 4 19 Level 9  77
Level 5  41 Level 10  82


Gratitude Monster Food Chart

Level Food Level Food
Level 1  410 Level 6  2465
Level 2  825 Level 7  2875
Level 3  1235 Level 8  3285
Level 4 1645 Level 9  3695
Level 5  2055 Level 10



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  1. If it helps I bred my plant monster in the left and the earth monster on the right both max level took 4 trust I got two tree monsters and a legendary tree monster with earth on the left so I switched and finally got the gratitude monster


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