Bayou Monster


The Bayou Monster in Tiny Monsters is a plant and water animal creature thing on your iPhone and that he costs an handsome bit of diamonds but chances are you probably won’t purchase the monster but instead you will breed the bayou monster.

To breed the bayou monster open up your breeding den then use a plant monster and a water monster in that order and check if it is 27 hours for breeding time. If you don’t have a 27 hours breeding time then chances are you don’t have a bayou monster breeding in your den but if you do then congratulations! You have a bayou monster breeding and in the next 27 hours he will finish breeding then you need to wait another 27 hours to be able to hatch him from his egg and place the bayou monster into a plant or water habitat.

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Mythic Bayou Monster

Hatching Time: 27 Hours
Buying Price: 250 Tiny Monsters - Diamonds
Selling Price: 2,700
Habitats: Plant, Water

Bayou Monster Notes/Description

“Slyly the Bayou Monster swims through the water. Stealthily it blends in with the plants that surround its swampy home. Unlike normal alligators, this monster is not at all territorial or standoffish. Plump and a little goofy, if this gator approaches you, it simply means it wants to play.”

Bayou Monster Earning Rate

Level Per Minute
Level 1 9Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 10  65Tiny Monsters - Coins
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